30 Day Anime Challenge: Revengance #4

Image result for yui k-on screenshot

Who’s your favorite female anime character?

I have a strange feeling that this is getting closer and closer to becoming a blog about “K-On!”. My favorite female anime character is Yui from “K-On!”. As I stated in a previous “30 Day Anime Challenge: Revengance” post, “K-On!” is my favorite anime, I then went on to say that it has the best characters. So, of course, my favorite female anime character would be from “K-On!”.

I really like Yui (obviously). But probably my favorite thing about the character is her development over the course of the series. The way that she develops, is probably the most subtle character progression I’ve ever seen in anime. The reason why I say that is because it takes her 39 episodes (plus a movie) to complete her development, and, although that’s not a super long amount of time, you don’t notice it unless you rewatch the first episode. Now, that probably helps contribute to the idea that “K-On!” has no plot/ character development, but I won’t get into that, as I’ve already talked about it in a previous post.

She goes from being a lazy, unmotivated, parasitic, airheaded blob (literally), to being someone who can to some extent take control of her life, and by the time goes off to college, has the motivation to succeed and is independent enough to live on her own. This is huge for someone who started out so capable, even though at the end of the series she’s still airheaded and isn’t completely motivated (still needing pushes from her friends and little sister) or independent, she improved greatly in those areas over the course of the series.

But she’s not jsut great because of how she grew and changed over the course of the series. Yui’s is an incredibly caring person. She’s always there to help lift her friends, and fellow members of the Light Music Club up when they’re feeling down. She’s always ready to lend a hand and cares so much about her friends that she goes so far as to work jobs for her guitar instead of letting Mugi pay for it.

Along with her being an incredibly nice person, she’s also just really cute. that’s a big part of why I like her so much, actually. She’s moe as hell. Her airheadedness and clumsiness are so cute to watch, and her character design is just unabashedly adorable. Which is probably why she’s been my most consistent computer wallpaper for years. Sorry about the abundance of “K-On!” related posts recently, I’m only expecting to make one more within the next month (for the 30 day anime challenge again) or maybe two, if I have something to say about the  movie when I rewatch it, or I may save it for the analysis, who knows.



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